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Largest Multimedia News Network

Digpu News Network is India’s largest multimedia news agency. We are directly associated with 437 online news channels, 40 Newspapers & Magazines and 10+ Satellite TV Channels of India. 

India's Largest Multimedia News Network

Revolutionized the Indian PR News industry by introducing mainstream media to the PR domain

We started with an aim to promote the digital news industry of India. We introduced mainstream media of the country into the PR domain. Simultaneously, we are educating Indian companies and entrepreneurs about the benefits of digital news publications. By Oct 2020,  We are directly associated with 437 digital news channels, 40 newspapers and magazines and more than 10 Satelite Tv channels. We have bridged the gap between Indian Startups and SMEs and the mainstream media of the country.

DNN PR Solutions 

For Start-ups & Individuals

We have developed industry-based PR news packages like business, finance, tech, lifestyle and more. DNN offers affordable PR news packages with multiple news stories of product or service launch, interviews, awards and achievements. We have also started a Trial Pack for new consumers, so that they can experience the value and impact of news publication on their business.

For SMEs

We provide customized PR solutions to Indian SMEs (Small and Medium Size Enterprises). We offer PR strategies containing a balance of product awareness, sales growth and an online and offline brand reputation. We perform multiple PR programs and activities under our half-yearly and annual programs. A 3-month Pilot program is available to experience the service.

For Large Corporates

A combination of digital, Satellite TV, newspapers and magazine-based PR Solutions for large corporates. Our corporate strategies are based on four segments:

  • Brand Awareness

  • Sales Growth

  • Reputation Management

  • Crisis Management

For E-commerce Companies

Our customized PR solutions for E-commerce companies drive more visitors to your product page, increase your sales and create brand awareness in the market. Our PR solutions based on reviews, testimonial and product USP, grow your market share. We showcase genuine product reviews and main features of a product with a click-to-action link to your product page where a consumer can directly buy the product.

For Social Workers and NGOs

Working on a social cause? You need more and more people on your journey to achieve your mission. We will become your voice over the web and help you reach the right people to participate in your aim. Our public recognition PR programs are designed for social workers and NGOs that are working towards a cause and helping the public at large.

For PR Agencies

We are the single largest source of digital, print and Tv programs. Our partnership programs for PR companies are based on the SS methodology – ‘Stability’ and ‘Sustainability’. Amid present times, when the world is going through an economic crisis, we alongside our accomplices are growing at the rate of 200% year on year. We offer various partnership programs to PR Firms and Digital marketing companies.

Assured Publication With Lifetime Validity Is Our USP

DNN made sure news publication on premium news channels of India would be affordable for all. To do that, we invested our time and efforts to make the deal a win-win for our clients as well as our news channel partners. Many times, we even had to struggle to strike a balance between high-quality news content publication and affordable pricing. The present situation of the market is such that most wire agencies are lowering their prices to a bare minimum to remain valid in the market. However, assured publications and lifetime of the press release still remain an indispensable USP of Digpu News Network.

Partnership with Digpu News Network - DNN

Partnerships Programs

Together, we can shape a new world of the digital PR news industry. Currently, we are working with 800+ clients, 437 news channels (largest network in the globe), 39 PR firms and 100+ freelancers all across the globe. Our partnership program is based on the SS methodology – ‘Stability’ and ‘Sustainability’. Amid the present times, when the whole globe is going through an economic crisis, we alongside our accomplices are growing at the rate of 200% year on year. 

Our News Network

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