Impactful And Unbiased Journalism

Lately, journalism had started to become a biased branding tool for influencing individuals and sections of society. Mass media seemed to drift away from the very idea of its creation – communication. With many torchbearers in the industry leaning towards one party or the other, the media that was once synonymous with information dissemination, most of it has been reduced to just political analogies, hate-mongering prime times and exhaustive analysis of videos viral online. This motivated us to venture into journalism and start our own news network that is free from any bias, affiliation, gain or ulterior motive. The fuel to our passion is empowering meaningful and powerful journalism

Indian News Agency

Indian News Agency

Digpu News Network is India’s regional news agency, delivering a continuous stream of breaking news and information directly to its subscribers.

Hundreds of Indian national and regional News Channels have trusted Digpu syndicated content for more than 03 years now. Our news service sets the standard for true journalism, accuracy, reliability, relevance and impartiality.

With a national & international network of journalists, reporters, writers and bloggers, DIGPU covers all the significant stories from the categories like current affairs, politics, tech, business, finance, entertainment and health.

Digpu Feed News

RSS Feed News

Get ready to publish unique and 100% original content on your news portal. We are committed to truth and accuracy. Our aim is to bring greater accountability to public discourse and minimise the impact of misinformation.

Every single story is properly assessed and analyse through a team of professional editors and sub-editors. We are a team of 42 journalists, reporters, bloggers and content writers. Newsfeeds are delivered by various methods including Plugins and APIs. The conveyance of content is tweaked according to necessities.

Digpu Mission

Our Aim & Mission

Since our inception, we are on a mission to promote the Indian digital news industry. At a time where the very fine line between news and fake news has started to diminish. TRP journalism with no space to cover deserving Startups, SMEs and small businesses not only this the condition of journalists in Tier 2-3 and 4 cities is nothing short of miserable, while lanky media houses enjoyed luxury and comfort.

At Digpu we aim to change the current circumstances by publishing stories of deserving people & simultaneously supporting news publishers, who are practising unbiased & real journalism.

Supporting Real Journalism

Supporting Real Journalism

Journalism in India has not been seeing great heights in the recent past. Reporting in the print media and debates on television have been utterly demeaning, and scarcely qualify as journalism. In the past few years, we have experienced a strange dilemma in the Indian media industry. The dilemma is that news channels operated by technical experts make far more revenue than those news channels that do actual reporting on the ground.

Digpu is inviting Indian regional & national level online news publishers who practice true journalism.

Digpu Press Release news Network

Sponsored & Press Releases

Apart from News distribution, we help Startups, SMEs and Corporates in Publishing Sponsored Content & Press Releases. We are directly associated with the mainstream media channels like Hindustan Times Group, Times of India Group, Indian Express Group along with various other high traffic generated sites for press release publication.