DNN is one of the largest multimedia news networks. We are directly associated with 437 online news publishers, 40 Newspapers & Magazines and 10+ Satellite TV Channels of India.

DNN For PR Agencies

   Get access to 400+ online news channels.
   40+ Magazines, Newspapers & Tv Programs.
  Best pricing with assured publication.

Assured Publication With Lifetime Validity Is Our USP

DNN made sure news publication on premium news channels of India and International would be affordable for all. To do that, we invested our time and efforts to make the deal a win-win for our clients as well as our news channel partners. Many times, we even had to struggle to strike a balance between high-quality news content publication and affordable pricing. Being a PR agency your main aim is to deliver the best possible PR services at an affordable cost. Join hands with DNN to get access to unlimited opportunities like content publication & banner advertisement on 400+ digital news channel, Live Tv programs, 40+ newspaper and magazines and many more.

DNN For News Publishers!

Our Approach to PR Industry is Centered Around Promotion of Indian Digital News Industry. In past 02 years, we collaborated with 437 online news channels in 12 regional languages. Be the part of DNN News Network to Access Global Clientele and Agency Network. 


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Add A Lifetime Revenue To Your News / Blog Site

1. Brand Awareness

We penetrate your brand by multiple news publications on 400+ online news channels and republication on social media platforms.

2. Sales Growth

Our PR strategies increase the demand for a product in the market. Our target audience based activities help to increase sales.

3. Reputation Management

We manage your brand reputation and create new confidence in your investors, buyers, partners and suppliers.

4. Crisis Management

We are experts in handling unpredictable crisis occurred within an organization.

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