Frequently Asked Questions by Agencies

What is DIGPU and what does it mean to be an authorized agency?

Digital Interface Group Of Publishers – DIGPU is a multimedia PR company having its offices in India and Canada. We are news distribution network having direct associations with various mainstream media groups like HT, Indian Express, Times of India and many more. Once you register with us as an agency, you will get access to 400+ online news channels, 40+ newspapers and magazines and 20+ national Television programs.

What are the main benefits of registration as an agency with Digpu?

Being a registered agency partner, the following are the main benefits:
1) You will get the agency rate for 500+ media houses.
2) You can opt for Bulk Deal Prices.
3) You will be regularly informed on newly added channels, Tv programs, news packages and other marketing activities.
4) You will get 100% support on sales and customized solutions.
5) You can sell your services to thousands of our existing clients.

Who all can register as an agency?

PR Firms, Digital Marketing and Event Management companies can register as an agency. A new company looking forward to establishing in the media industry and the PR industry can also register with us.

After Registration how can we access the agency pricing?

After registration, our team will check your application and verify documents and details submitted by you. On the successful registration, our team will share an entire sheet of the agency price list. This will be a live link that gets updated from time to time.

There is a Digpu disclaimer under many articles, what if we want to remove the Digpu name from the disclaimer?

Disclaimers are mandatory for a Press Release but there are other options available. There is an option to get your client’s content published without Digpu name mentioned in the disclaimer.

What if my client directly reaches Digpu?

Digpu does not sell any PR service directly to any client. We only provide customized packages and solutions to the corporates in an annual retention model. Another way round, we forward prospects and enquiries on a daily basis to our Authorized Agency Partners.

Who is an Authorized Agency Partner?

Authorized agency partners are our closest ally situated at various locations. They handle our enquiries in their respective territories. We provide them with training on the digital news industry, give them access to every program and help them with sales closers. In simple words, Authorized Agency Partners are branches of the DNN business tree. To know more about the Authorized Agency Partnership program call us at +91 8448440230 or email us at [email protected]

My client needs some customized PR solutions, will the DNN team help us to prepare it?

We are happy to support our agency partners in terms of customized solutions or closers. For any support, you can directly contact your relationship manager at Digpu.