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DNN official guidelines for PR news publication on digital news channels.

What We Publish:

  • Official company press release from any part of the world.
  • Brand or product launch, news business tie-ups, events, company achievements, growth stories, award and interviews.
  • Any Government or semi-government official news or statement.
  • Individual achievements, stories on a social cause, public opinions.

We Do Not Publish:

  • Any article which may be offensive, defamatory, obscene, abusive, pornographic, abusive, hurtful or personal in nature.
  • Any content which may incite violence or constitute sensitive information that forms a part of the National Security.
  • Content containing appealing to the people for depositing money for any unknown business or activity.
  • Any sort of gambling.
  • Content containing criticism against any gender, religion and political party.

Images and Word count:

  • 700 (seven hundred) words are the maximum limit for pr news publication on English news channels.
  • 1000 (one thousand) word limit for Hindi, Marathi, Tamil, Bengali and any other Indian regional language.
  • You can share a maximum of 02 images in landscape size. We do not accept selfies or portrait size of images.
  • Images that are relevant to the content are allowed. In any case, unrelated images will not get published.
  • An image should be in landscape format. Recommended sizes are 678X381 (pixels) or 1200X628 (pixels).
  • Image captions are mandatory in case that image is containing more than one person.
  • Images with text overlay are not allowed. A simple company logo (png) over the image is allowed.
  • Logo Size on the image should not exceed 150×150 pixels.

Correct image format and size for a press release


What is the correct image format for a online press release

What is the correct image format for a online press release

Web Links:

  • You can insert a maximum of 02 external links within the content with a no-follow link.
  • A single external link is allowed for the channels that allow do-follow links.
  • No links are allowed in case of pr wired network distribution.
  • Links should be authentic like company’s website etc and social media links like Instagram etc is not allowed.

Content & Publication Guidelines:

A.          Headlines

  • Headline and sub-headline are mandatory with every news article.
  • It is recommended to have shorter headlines for better results in google search engine.
  • Hashtags # are not allowed in headline and sub-headline.

B.          Proofreading & Fact Checks

  • DNN team will perform a fact check of the statement, figures given in the content.
  • DNN team will do proofreading and grammar check of the given content.
  • If required, DNN team will revamp the content without losing its original sense.

C.          Pre & Post Publication

  • We will share a preview link and after approval from the client, it will get published and distributed.
  • No changes or addons are allowed post-publication.
  • A publication report will be shared with the client within 7 working days from the date of publication.

D.          Publication TAT

  • No publication will be done on Saturday and Sunday.
  • PR News Publications are not possible on any Government/Public holiday. 
  • It will take 7-10 working days to publish an article on a premium digital news channel.
  • 3-5 Working days are required to publish an article under DNN pr news packages and press release package.

E.          Video Links

  • Video links can insert within the content depending upon the editorial guidelines by 3rd party news channel.
  • Only a relevant and professional YouTube video link is allowed.

F.          Content Authority Letter

  • A content authority letter needs to be signed by an individual or an authorized company representative.

G.          Publication Authority & Editorial Guidelines

  • DNN reserve the rights to remove the published content in case of any forgery, legal complaints or involvement of any unlawful activity conducted by the company or an individual.
  • Editorial guidelines of the news channels vary from one publisher to another. For more information discuss with your relationship manager at DNN or else send us a mail at contact@digpu.com.