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Digpu is founded by an Indian couple ‘Kunwar Devender Singh’ and ‘Cheshta Bakshi’. Kunwar is a passionate writer and a social worker. Apart from Digpu, he is the founder member at Brave Hearts Welfare Foundation (India’s First Suicide Prevention Lifeline for Indian Armed Forces), Save Earth. He believes in the oneness of all – irrespective of language, religion and caste, he believes in ‘जीव ही ब्रह्म है‘ (Soul is God). According to Kunwar, Human beings are born from a single cell, we all are powerful, whatever we think we become.

Kunwar has read many scriptures like Geeta, Bible, the Quran and also the Shiv Stotram. He spends his time mostly in Samadhi and travelling. Digpu is a small step towards his larger mission of ‘Global Peace’.

Cheshta gave the slogan ‘Free Voice With A Critical Edge‘ to Digpu. With over 6 years of experience in Research and Analysis, she has also presented her research on Information and Communication Technology(ICT). She is best known for her exclusive news stories and rich storytelling.

Community & Team Members

Sanjeev Digpu Team

Sanjeev Ramachandran

Sanjeev is a journalist with 23 years of experience. Prior to Digpu, he has worked with reputed media houses such as Business Standard, The New Indian Express, MSN India and many more.

Manoj Nair Digpu Team

Manoj K Nair

Manoj is a passionate news reporter and a writer who loves writing on a variety of subjects including current affairs, trivia, retro movies, unique and unknown facts about places, sports and is also a travel buff.

Aasif Digpu Team

Aasif Ganaie

Aasif is a journalist and a news enthusiast based in Jammu & Kashmir. He voyages to explore and uncover the stories that need to be told. With a special focus on data journalism, he also writes about happenings, events and everything that matters.

Sayantika Digpu Team

Sayantika Bhowal

Sayantika Bhowal is a journalist who is particularly interested in politics and human interest stories. She holds a PGDM degree in journalism from the Asian College Of Journalism.

Farzan Digpu Team

Farzan Bashir Dar

Farzan Bashir is a Bachelor’s in Law from the University of Kashmir and a Gold Medalist for an LL.M from Jamia Millia Islamia. Though he is qualified for the legal field, it is writing where he finds solace.

Bandana K Digpu Team

Bandana Kumari

Bandana is a passionate writer and a poet. She writes on various topics like recipes, healthy food, cooking. Apart from food and recipes, she is passionate about Hindi poetry. You can find her content on Digpu Hindi.

Abhishek Digpu Team

Abhishek Thakur

Abhishek is a technical expert with more than 09 years of experience in handling servers, websites and domains.

Pranay Digpu Team

Pranay Thasal

Pranay is an admin and accounts executive handling various responsibilities like administration and accounting.

Prakash CA Digpu Team

Prakash Suneja

Prakash is a professional charted accountant with more than 15 years in practice.