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Target Specified PR News Solutions for MSME

For SMEs, we develop PR strategies based on their target audience, product USP and mode of sales. 

What we do

We customized PR strategies help you to grow your brand awareness that leads to sales growth. 

Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME) sector has emerged as a very important sector of the Indian economy, contributing significantly to employment generation, innovative product manufacturing, exports, and inclusive growth of the economy. Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) are the foundation of the socio-economic growth of our country. 

It is very necessary for a SMEs firm to penetrate its brand awareness not only to his B2B clients but also for B2C Customers. Our team is capable of preparing a customized PR strategy that helps a Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) to reach its target audience in both B2B as well as B2C segment. Right strategies following target audience will lead to sales growth of an organization. 

Target Specified PR

We perform market research based on your product and services, USPs, competitors data etc. And prepare a PR strategy that helps you to grow a bigger brand in the market. 

Product Awareness

With a combination of digital, print and Television, we make your product reach to the people that are related to your business like suppliers, investors and of course most importantly your buyers. 

Reputation Management

Your market reputation will lead you to long term sustainability and growth. Our PR strategies will help you to manage your brand reputation for your clients and people related to it. 

Why Us?

When it comes to delivering the results, one should have the right understanding in terms of the market scenario, customer behaviour, competition analysis and solutions.

With over 15 years of experience in digital marketing, news and media, research and analysis, lead generation, DNN is the only company that can deliver you the expected results.

With our exclusive and direct collaborations with mainstream media, we can provide you with customized PR solutions covering digital, print and television PR solutions at a competitive cost.

We provide Pilot programs, half-yearly, annually and lifetime PR programs to SME sector. 


  • Direct Collaborations with Mainstream Media
  • Effective Digital Marketing Strategies
  • In-house Content Development Team
  • Market Research and Analysis
  • Transparent & Assured Publications
  • Global Market Penetration
  • Customized PR Strategies
  • Local Market Targetting through Regional Resources
  • Affordable solutions

We introduced the mainstream media to the press release domain. We gave the industry a new yardstick of ‘Assured Publication’ and Customised PR News solutions. We transformed the traditional PR News to a new and effective solution by adding premium news channels and target-specified market penetration. 

Our Journey & Management 

We Have Over 15 Years of Experience in The Industry

We started our journey with a Telecom distribution company in 2009. By 2012, we entered into e-waste control and refurbishing. In 2013, we started our third vertical as ‘Digital Punch’ (B2B & B2C Lead Generation company).  In 2018, we launched Digpu News Network (DNN) – One of the largest multimedia news agency of the world. With over 15+ years of achievements in sales and marketing, distribution, technology and business development our core management is capable of delivering extraordinary results. 

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PR Solutions - For Startups

Affordable industry-centric PR news packages for Startups and Individuals.

PR Solutions - For SMEs

Long term branding and sales purpose PR solutions for SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises)

PR Solutions - For Corporates

 PR solutions for large corporates. based on brand awareness, sales, reputation building and crisis management. 

Multiple PR Services

Every organization has different branding and marketing requirements. We offer customized PR solutions. Discuss with us 

Digital PR News

Our direct associations with 437 online news channels help in establishing the right digital footprint. 

Newspaper & Magazine PR

We offer best print PR solutions by providing your brand story on local and national newspapers. 

Television PR

Be a part of business talk shows, your expert advice can help millions of startups and business owners.

Social Media Coverage

Want to reach the masses? We help your brand news stories reach your specified target audience with maximum visibility. Learn more