Diwali PR News Fest

Celebrate this Diwali by sharing your brand story with 30 Indian news channels & aggregators.

Publish your individual achievement or business story on 30 Indian online news channels including Hindustan Times, Google News, Daily Hunt, Prime18 News, Coastal Mirror, Digpu News, Swatantra Prabhat and more.

The cost of publication is INR 12,500 + 18% GST. You can provide us with 2 separate news stories along with 2 images and 2 hyperlinks within the content.

Publication TAT (Turn Around Time) is 2 working days and the offer is valid till 2 November 2021.

Publication Process

The publication process starts with the review of news content by our editorial team. After the finalisation of the news content, we will issue a proforma invoice. Post successful payments, a preview link of the publication will be shared with you for final approval.

Post-Publication Process

The publication will take place over a period of 2 working days. After the complete publication, the publication report will be shared within 72 hours of publication.

The publication report will include extensive information about the publications and impressions generated by each publication.

Reach & Results

Diwali package is a combination of 30 National news channels, regional online news channels and news aggregators. All the news channels are known for their journalism. Diwali news package generates a minimum of 1.50 Lakh impressions within 72 hours of its publication. The publications will be live on the web forever.

Content & Publication Guidelines

A maximum of 700 words is allowed along with the headline. We accept individual stories from business owners, founder members etc.

In case the content includes financial data like company Turnover, VC Funding etc, the details need to be furnished over company letterhead. Read complete terms and conditions here.

Offer Validity

The offer package is specifically designed for the Indian festival ‘Diwali’ and is valid till 02nd November 2021. This is a limited offer and applicable till the first 50 stories only. After 02 November 2021, the same package will be served at the regular price.

You can download the list of channels and a live publication report by clicking on the below-mentioned buttons. Also, check the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) available on this page. Find out more press release offers

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Press Release offers

What do you mean by the 02 version of the stories and how will you distribute them?

Channel list India Press Release

By 02 versions of the story, we mean that one story + featured image will be published on Hindustantimes.com and the second story will be published on Digpu.com, PanAsiaBiz, Google News, Daily Hunt, Coastal Mirror, India Press Release and all remaining news channels mentioned in the channel list. But remember both the stories should be from the same brand/company.

Is there a disclaimer under the news article?

PR Disclaimer on HT BY Digpu

Yes, there will be a disclaimer under both articles. The disclaimer under Hindustan Times will be – ‘This content is released by Digpu News Network. No HT Journalist is involved in the creation of this content. Disclaimer on other channels will be ‘This content is distributed by Digpu Feed Network. The content is originally provided by ____________(Company Name/ Agency Name)’.

What if I need the same package without any disclaimer?

Yes, the same package is available without a disclaimer, it can be done at INR 2,25,000 + GST. However, we recommend you to stick with the offer only, as you can utilize all these links in your Wikipedia and other platforms as well.

Can I provide more than 02 versions of the story under the same offer?

You can definitely provide us with more versions. But there will be an additional charge of INR 3000 per extra content. For example, we can distribute your 3rd story on Daily Hunt, India Press Release, Trendy Bash, Vigor Column etc.

I don’t have content with me, will you help us in creating the news content?

Yes, we will surely help you in creating newsworthy content, charged at an additional INR 4000+ GST. We are a team of highly qualified news writers and journalists. Remember, content plays an important role, no matter which platform publishes it. If the content is rich and newsworthy, it will generate better results for you.

Can I add more premium news channels to the package?

Yes, you can add as much as you wish to, but the add-on news channels will be charged separately. For example, you can add Times of India, Indian Express, Mid Day, Financial Express, Live Mint or any other news channel at an additional cost. You can select channels from our list. We are associated with 400+ online news channels and you can select your preferred channels. For more information, contact us.

What if I need more impressions from the same Diwali Package?

Diwali offer generates a minimum of 1.5 lakh impressions within 72 hours of its publication. It may reach millions in the next 03 months, depending upon the number of searches on tagged keywords. We can surely help you to get additional impressions. For more information, contact us.

Can I insert YouTube Video within the content?

Yes, you can insert a YouTube video within the content by paying an additional charge of INR 5000+ GST. The video should be professional and relevant to the context of the news.

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