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It’s time to revive your brand in the market after several months of lockdown – Offer Expired

When the pandemic struck the world, it came with its own set of problems that were a never seen before for the whole world, especially corporates. The lockdown and the widespread death wrecked by the virus took the world by storm. But now, with vaccination campaigns at full pace, the world seems to be returning to the old normal thought slowly but surely.

Even though this back to the old normal has been a crawl rather than a walk and many companies are yet to start their operations again, we in the media and news industry are already experiencing good traffic of clients.

This makes the current time perfect for start-ups, MSMEs and those corporates who wish to launch new products or services as it gives them a head start against the competition. At the same time, we at Digpu have also launched a new campaign for businesses who have well amidst the pandemic and scaled the summit of achievement.

Digpu’s BAW – Business Achievement Week will focus on these businesses and highlight their achievements across 20+ online news channels like Business Standard, ANI, The Print, Zee5, Lokmat, Google News, Yahoo News and many others.

Under our no-profit scheme, participation cost in this campaign that has a Turn Around Time (TAT) of 24-48 hrs, has been capped at a paltry amount of USD 164 or INR 12,000/- with the sole idea of helping and promoting the deserving businesses.

Digpu’s expertise allows businesses to publish newsworthy content even if they do not have knowledge about the process or are unable to curate content on their own. Our team of experts will guide you through while our writers weave with their pens and keyboards.

For more information, contact our customer support at +91 844-844-0230 or else fill the enquiry form at the ‘Contact us’ page and select Current Offers in the subject line.

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