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Digital PR Publication

We disseminate news content to online news publishers globally.  We are directly associated with 487 digital news publishers in various languages including, English, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali, Assamese, Punjabi, Malayalam, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil.

Newspaper & Magazines

‘The number of daily newspaper readers across the India was approximately 417 million and total readership of magazines is up 87 million’. We get your brand story published in regional and national magazines and newspapers.

National Television

Indians are huge fans of watching Television. Mainstream news channels grab millions of eye from every class and sector. We help you to talk on your brand USP and features on national media Tv channels.  


You get your brand story published on mainstream online publishers, but how you can be sure that your content is reaching to to right target audience? Our team will help you to reach your targeted audience through our Re-Publication methods.  

Social Media

When it comes to build a brand ‘Social media sharing’ plays an important role. We circulate your news content to various groups and communities on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and various more (both organic and paid).

Strategy Building

To get an expected result from any marketing activity, one need to have a clear strategy and planning. We are exceptionally good at preparing strategies that result you lifetime. 

Newsworthy Content

It doesn’t make a difference whether you are publishing a series of publication though on premium news channels. What matter is ‘Newsworthy Content‘. Our expert team of news writers and journalist grab your points over a Zoom or telephonic round of interview and prepare a newsworthy content that helps your stories to get more engagement and readership. 

Video Interviews

People believe more on what they see from their naked eyes. Video interviews perform well as comparing to a news content, article or a blogpost. Digpu can arrange your video interviews and get them published on mainstream media news channels. 

Do-Follow Links

All website owners there probably you cannot ignore Google search optimization. Whether you are running an ecommerce site or a online news channels, you need backlinks with a ‘Do-Follow link’ on reputed news sites. No worries, we help you to get hundreds of backlinks with Do-Follow. 

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