Research-Based Strategies

We Transform Brands Into Industry Leaders.

Our marketing strategies are based on extensive market research and intrinsic analysis of human behaviour. Firstly, we analyze your business, followed by understanding your closest competition, market scenarios and the mood of your target audience. On the basis of all these parameters, we develop the best-suited plans & implement every activity mentioned as per the calendar rolled out in the strategy. Check out a glimpse of our services below.

Digpu digital press release news channel network

Digital Press Release Publication

We are a network of 487 online news channels in India, Canada, Malaysia, Thailand, UK, UAE and the USA. We introduced Indian mainstream media channels to the digital PR News industry. We can get your brand stories published on regional, national and international digital news channels. When it comes to penetrating the Indian local market, we are having our presence in various regional language news channels including Assamese, Hindi, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, Tamil and Telugu.

Digpu press release republication method

Target-Based Republication

Good! You got your brand stories published on big news channels and have created a meaningful web presence. But are you sure that your target audience is also reading the latest updates about your brand?

Don’t be worried. Our republication method will ensure that your target audience gets to know about your brand. We republish the published news content to the specified target audience through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, Quora, Pinterest and Tumblr among others.

Digpu content development services

Content Development

No doubt technology has reached its acme, but remember one thing – content is still the King. Our in-house team of journalists and content writers from across the globe, can develop industry-based engaging blogs for your corporate site. These blogs and articles will aid your organic growth. We also develop content and news articles for news publishers.

Digpu content development services 1

Print Publication

People prefer easy methods to gain information and add it to their knowledge pool. Few read it on mobile, tablets while some read on their computers but large numbers of people in India prefer to grasp information through Newspapers and Magazines. We prepare articles about your brand story, individual achievements and get them published in national and regional newspapers and magazines.

Digpu Television Interview

Television Interview

A majority of the Indian population watches Television religiously. According to research, Indian people spend approx 180 – 220 minutes daily watching television. We help the top management of the company to feature in TV interviews and republish them on various news channels and social media platforms.

Digpu Services Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management

At last, a brand becomes valuable through its public reputation. But what happens when your own ex-employees, old business partners and competitors create negativity to harm your brand value? Sometimes, a fake news byte can rattle years of hard work and malign the market reputation. We help weed out all negativity from the web and reinforce a positive brand image of the individual or company.

Digpu marketing strategies and planning

Marketing Strategy & Planning

Spending millions year-on-year and still not getting expected results? Probably, it is due to two major reasons. First, your marketing activities are being carried out randomly without working on any strategy. Second, this may be a result of competent market research and resources. We develop marketing strategies on the basis of extensive research and target audience analysis.

Digpu banner advertisement

Banner & Video Ads

We feature your company banners with CTA on various online news portals at a reasonable cost. Apart from banners, we can place your video advertisement between YouTube programs and shows. We have industry-specific platforms to showcase your static advertisement and video content.