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PR News Publication Agency in India
Our aim is to Promote Digital PR News Industry

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 We directly distribute online news content to 437 online news publishers in India, USA, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE and Other Asian Countries. We provide pre-defined and customized online PR news solutions.  We introduced the word ”ASSURED PUBLICATIONS” in the PR Industry.

Our PR News Publication Process

 Our process starts with the selection of our news packages. For customized solutions, you need to answer a questionnaire, based on which the team will prepare a long-term PR strategy.

 After selection of news channels, content and image come into place. If the client provides the content, it will have to go through several editorials and quality checks before publication. In case, the client doesn’t have the content available, our in-house team will create the content for them.

 The final draft of content will be shared with the client in a preview link for any revisions or last-minute updates.

After final approval, the news content will be shared with the selected news channels.

  After the complete publication, a publication report containing all live news publications and pickups will be shared with the client.

DNN For News Publishers!

Our Approach to PR Industry is Centered Around Promotion of Indian Digital News Industry. In past 02 years, we collaborated with 437 online news channels in 12 regional languages. Be the part of DNN News Network to Access Global Clientele and Agency Network. 


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Add A Lifetime Revenue To Your News / Blog Site

1. Brand Awareness

We penetrate your brand by multiple news publications on 400+ online news channels and republication on social media platforms.

2. Sales Growth

Our PR strategies increase the demand for a product in the market. Our target audience based activities help to increase sales.

3. Reputation Management

We manage your brand reputation and create new confidence in your investors, buyers, partners and suppliers.

4. Crisis Management

We are experts in handling unpredictable crisis occurred within an organization.

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