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Brand Awareness. Sales. Reputation Development. Crisis Managment

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We provide annual and long term PR news packages to our corporate clients. Our corporate PR strategies are a combination of Digital, Print and Tv network. Our strategies are based on extensive market research, customer behaviour,  economic structure and current market scenarios.

Our corporate PR strategies are based on four (04) segments. With our previous experiences, we understand the basic as well as the core requirements of a growing organization. These four segments areas are-

  • Branding 
  • Sales Growth
  • Reputation Development 
  • Crisis Management


Corporate PR News Solutions by DNN

Four main segments of Corporate PR strategies at DNN

Brand Awareness Corporate PR strategies by DNN

Brand Presence

Our regular content published on hundreds of news channels, social media sites help your brand to penetrate in the market and over the web.

Sales growth based PR strategies

Sales Growth

Our sales-driven programs will simultaneously increase your product or service demand in the market and thus grow your sales.

Reputation management PR strategies

Reputation Management

We manage your company’s reputation in the market, investors and clients through various mediums of digital, print and Tv. 

How to handle reputation crisis in an organization

Crisis Management

Sometimes unpredictable things happened within an organization, we are capable of handling any sort of crisis occurred.

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PR Solutions - For Startups

Affordable industry-centric PR news packages for Startups and Individuals.

PR Solutions - For SMEs

Long term branding and sales purpose PR solutions for SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprises)

PR Solutions - For Corporates

 PR solutions for large corporates. based on brand awareness, sales, reputation building and crisis management. 

Multiple PR Services

Every organization has different branding and marketing requirements. We offer customized PR solutions. Discuss with us 

Digital PR News

Our direct associations with 437 online news channels help in establishing the right digital footprint. 

Newspaper & Magazine PR

We offer best print PR solutions by providing your brand story on local and national newspapers. 

Television PR

Be a part of business talk shows, your expert advice can help millions of startups and business owners.

Social Media Coverage

Want to reach the masses? We help your brand news stories reach your specified target audience with maximum visibility. Learn more